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It recently came to light a post I wrote a couple of years ago on this subject isn’t really much use for people wanting to know the likely costs of Salesforce now! A lot has changed in the SFDC eco-system since January 2015…

So here’s the original version – but with the licencing and indicative costs updated!!


Sometimes our customers/potential customers have already had discussions with Salesforce [SFDC] directly – other times we’re the first point of contact.

Unsurprising the answer to the question “How much does Salesforce cost?” is usually – well, it depends on:

  • What you want to do with Salesforce
  • How many Salesforce licences you’ll need
  • What kind of Salesforce licences you’ll need
  • Who you want to work with on the implementation.


1. Salesforce for Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Different companies have different understandings around what CRM means – we’re often called in to help facilitate cross-functional workshops to establish a clear understanding of the business benefits of a single view of data – whether it’s Accounts, Contacts, Sales and Financial information etc.

Remember the key benefit to businesses will be the management information which will be available.

INDICATIVE COST – Licences £60+/user/month – Consultancy and Implementation – £7,500+

2. Salesforce as a “Sales Force Automation” tool (SFA)

Pretty much out of the box Salesforce has a big tick for allowing the automation/semi-automation of routine sales activities such as meetings/calls/e-mails. Sales funnel, forecasting, reporting – it’s all good!

INDICATIVE COST – Licences £60+/user/month – Consultancy and Implementation – £5,000+

3. Salesforce for App development (

oe:gen has been working with Salesforce [SFDC Partner] for the past 6 years and are often asked to integrate with other systems – or to use workflows to create a business application on the Salesforce platform.

INDICATIVE COST – Licences £20+/user/month – BA, Programming and Implementation – £15,000+

4. Salesforce for Customer or Partner Portals (Communities)

The phrase “The Social Enterprise” was coined by Salesforce a few years ago – and we’re now seeing the porous membrane effect – as more and more companies chose to transparently share more and more information with their customers and partners. oe:gen has delivered communities – to include UX and skinning to match corporate brand guidelines.

INDICATIVE COST – Customer Community Licence – pricing is now based on per user / log-ins – POA. Design and Implementation – £15,000+

5. Salesforce for Automated Marketing [Pardot]

Generate high-quality leads with Pardot’s tools to keep your pipeline fully stocked with a steady flow of high-quality leads.

INDICATIVE COST – Pardot B2B Licence – Licence £800+/month. Design and Implementation – £3,000+

If you’d like to discuss Salesforce with oe:gen – just give us a ring or contact us now.





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