How Artificial Intelligence is making customer service teams more productive3 min read


This year, more businesses are taking advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) in order to step up their customer relationship management (CRM) and provide round-the-clock customer service. But how exactly is AI making customer service teams more productive?

It’s been said that AI-use in enterprises is projected to grow to 62% this year. In fact, IDC believes it will be a $47 billion market by 2020. This is because AI automates loads of processes that were once solely run by people. What’s more, it does it faster and more accurately, which can really help reduce your customer service team’s workload.

AI, for example, can delegate easy stuff such as answering simple questions to bots, so your agents are more freed up to concentrate on more complex, higher-value things. Imagine that someone wants to update their account, or has a FAQ they need answering — you can train your bot to deal with this simple request.

Here are some more things we can do with AI for customer service:

  • We can gain real-time insights across all of our customer contact channels
  • We can resolve customer service cases faster and more confidently
  • We can optimise agent availability, wait times, and opportunities for proactive service delivery
  • We can automatically escalate and classify cases using sensitivity and domain expertise predictive analytics
  • We can power chatbots to deliver knowledge using automated workflows
  • We can allow field agents to deliver service based on access to CRM data
  • We can deliver personalised services anywhere
  • And we can optimise scheduling and routing using complete CRM data.

Revolutionising the workplace

Loads of people have been a bit anxious about AI and bots, wondering if it’s going to be replacing their jobs. But those people really needn’t worry. Customer Service AI is simply here to help your agents make better, more informed decisions and generally be more productive when solving cases. What most people don’t realise is that AI will in fact create more jobs, including bot monitoring professionals, data scientists, automation specialists and content curators.

Salesforce Einstein for Customer Service

Great customer service always makes a lasting impression, helping to instill loyalty and trust in your customers. Imagine how great it would be if every customer service experience was super quick and easy to solve, with intelligent, predictive insights right at your fingertips? Your customers would absolutely love you.

Service Cloud Einstein aims to provide that experience for your customers and service agents, every time. It’s basically AI for your CRM that’s data-ready, modeling-ready, and production-ready. This means you don’t have to do any data preparation or manage models, it’s automatically fit for your organisation, and you don’t need any DevOps. 

With Service Cloud Einstein, Salesforce are bringing together advanced AI capabilities like machine learning, deep learning, predictive analytics, natural language processing and smart data discovery. It leverages all of this to make your service team smarter and more effective for your customers.

  • Einstein Supervisor
    This empowers managers with real-time data like agent availability, queues and wait times, helping them to take smarter actions. It can even predict customer satisfaction and make specific recommendations to improve the customer experience.
  • Einstein Case Management
    With this, high priority cases get quickly routed to the next available agent who knows what the case is about before they even pick up the phone, making the experience seamless for the customer.
  • Intelligent Mobile Service
    This means companies can now provide mobile employees with a connected service app on iOS and Android so they can deliver personalised, exceptional service on the go. Round-the-clock service for your customers!
  • Bots
    Salesforce wanted to make it easy-peasy to implement bots. So, they’ve offered an integrated bot which is intelligently trained on historical data with a simple setup. This helps agents focus on more complex issues while the bot takes over in the background routing calls, helping customers, and collecting loads of data along the way.

Want to learn more about how Service Cloud Einstein can make your team more productive? View Salesforce’s rundown of the features right here.


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