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The basic definition of a community is just a bunch of people who share a common interest, mission or goal. Online Salesforce Communities are a way for you to conveniently connect and collaborate with the people most important to your business — your customers, partners and employees.

Do you want your customers to help each another out? Peer-to-peer Communities can do just that. Perhaps you want a portal where your customers can access their account information. Or maybe you want to use one to generate ideas for new products, test prototypes in a safe space, log support tickets, provide live chat with agents, or sell products.

Seriously, there are so many different ways Communities can positively impact your business. To give you an idea, here are some of the best things about them:

  1. They bring people together
    Communities help connect your customers with experts, peers with shared interests, information, answers, and even other products or services they might enjoy. They help bring together the people who really matter to your business and helps them find the information that’s most relevant to their needs.
  2. They get you better feedback
    Communities can also act as great feedback platforms and give your customers a way to voice their comments. This in turn helps your business improve and evolve with their comments or queries in mind.
  3. They promote self-service
    Communities empower your customers to find answers for themselves and help each other out. You can give your customers the choice to find the answers to their customer-service issues on their own via access to your Knowledge base, service agents, and peer-to-peer support. This is especially good because these days, self-service is becoming increasingly preferred over customer service.
  4. They’re amazing for collaborating with partners
    For channel partners, having one secure platform like a Community makes it super easy to team up with you. They can access all the information they need and integrate their sales-processes and third-party systems with the Community. This helps increase your and any of your partners’ revenue stream by helping you collaborate on opportunities and deals.
  5. They help employees be more productive
    For employees, Communities can provide HR information, ticket logging, and Q&A sharing right in front of them. This also encourages employees to collaborate and become more productive.
  6. They’re individually-branded and mobile-friendly
    Design-wise, Communities can be branded to suit your unique business; you can add your logo, brand colours, fonts etc. This way, it can stay consistent with your website and any other branded documents you might give out or advertise. Plus, they’re mobile-friendly for when you and your team are on-the-go, meaning you can take advantage of those times between meetings where you’re on the bus, train or during taxi rides.
  7. They’re multi-purpose
    You can create multiple communities within your Salesforce org to address different business purposes. This means you can improve engagement with your employees, partners, or customers — or all three!
  8. They give customers secure data access
    With a member portal-type Community you can give customers secure access to their data, whenever they like. This is particularly handy for the new GDPR legislation that’s come into effect this year. It means customers can change and update their info quickly and easily by themselves. This also helps free up your service agents for other service-related matters.
  9. They’re a game-changer for onboarding
    Communities can help you onboard partners quickly by sharing content and training materials. This means you’ll retain happier employees by providing a space for them to easily complete their onboarding by themselves, learn and resolve any HR issues.
  10. They integrate with the rest of your Salesforce stuff
    They can be integrated with everything Salesforcey, including Service Cloud features. Plus, you can also integrate data from third-party providers and extend business processes to partners and employees. The data from your Community will live in your Salesforce org, which can then be shared externally through it.
  11. They can be personalised for different Community members
    You can provide a more personalised user experience by showing various Community spaces to each employee. So, when they log in, sales, customer service agents, and engineers will each see a different homepage based on their profile and location.
  12. They’re safe and secureJust like your internal Salesforce org., a Community admin can control data visibility with the outside world, and restrict which audience can access what. It’s things like this which make Salesforce the most trusted sales and service platform around.

Want to learn more about Salesforce Communities? Chat with our experts today! Or if you just want to see how much it might cost to implement a Community, download the free guide below.


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