Upcoming event: Nottingham, UK Salesforce Women in Tech, June 5th

Next month we’re hosting another Salesforce Women in Tech event right here at the Nottingham Science Park, and we’re insanely excited.

It’s going to be a fun afternoon learning about overcoming imposter syndrome, recalibrating our minds with neuro-linguistic programming, self-belief, and authenticity in leadership.

What is Salesforce Women in Tech?

The Nottingham Salesforce Women in Tech group is powered by those who want to share their industry experiences, receive free career advice, close the diversity gap in Tech, and above all, support each other. 

Salesforce has Trailblazer Community groups located all over the world, and we’re the UK East Midlands one! Along with Salesforce Women in Tech, we also run a Salesforce Administrator’s Group, so if you’re a Salesforce user, check out our previous events here!

This is an all-inclusive event that aims to encourage, empower, and support those who want to thrive in their career. Anyone who wishes to learn some new skills or how they can help close the diversity gap in the technology industry is welcome. And to make it as accessible as possible to our community, this event is totally free to attend!

We’ll have four awesome speakers come to give some practical advice, share their stories, and spark ideas:

2pm — Welcome!

We’ll start with a short intro from myself.

2:10pm — ‘Thriving in the face of the imposter’, Rebecca Godfrey

Do you ever worry that your success is down to being in the right place at the right time, down to luck or down to some kind of mistake rather than being due to your own ability? Do you ever worry that one day your colleagues will realise that you are not as talented as they think you are?

This isn’t modesty, this is something a lot deeper. Imposter Syndrome is experienced by up to 70% of us at some point in our lives. It can prevent us from enjoying successes we have worked so hard to achieve and can really hold us back from realising our full potential. In this talk, Rebecca is going to take us through her own personal journey with imposter syndrome and how we can thrive in the face of the imposter!

Rebecca is the founder of Etheo, a Team & Leadership Transformation consultancy with a focus on the highly regulated technical industries.

Rebecca is a scientist by background having completed a PhD in Immunology at the University of Cambridge. Since leaving academic research, Rebecca’s career has given her the opportunity to build and develop a successful drug safety consultancy business, work with and lead colleagues from more than 90 countries, live and work abroad and lead organisations and groups in roles ranging from Company Director of a small consultancy to Global Head and Global Director roles in two of the world’s top 10 pharma companies.

Having thoroughly enjoyed a fruitful and successful career so far, in 2018 Rebecca took the leap to set up Etheo bringing her wealth of business experience, outstanding leadership skills, strategy and process development expertise and passion for meeting new challenges to support individuals and leaders build cohesive, high performing teams with a focus on operational excellence.

2:40pm — ‘Recalibrate to Great’ with neuro-linguistic programming, Elaine Grace

Imagine a world where your belief system responsible for how you experience life could be very closely likened to our modern world of tech. They are not too dissimilar and, just like we can update our apps and scan and deal with viruses in our tech systems, we can do just that with what our belief system is about ourselves, our environment and even our relationships.

Imagine what life could look like if you could reprogram your mind; if you could enter a new code of belief and set that program to run as your main operating system and… it was exactly as you had designed it?

Elaine is an NLP Master Coach who specialises in working with people to get them to train their mindset and brain to develop positive thoughts and habits that lead them to confidently take action to be the architect of their own reality. Join us to see how this is possible for everyone to benefit from and even make real changes in the very moment.

3:10pm — Break

Tea, coffee, and Doughnotts!

3:30pm — ‘The Neuroscience of self-belief’, Kirsty Hulse

What is happening in the brain when we stutter, stumble over our words or our mind goes blank? Why are we hardwired to perceive and avoid social threat? And how can we train our brain to be happier with risk and less afraid of failure? In this practical and inspiring talk, Kirsty will help us navigate these questions and provide tangible advice to improve our self-belief.

Kirsty Hulse is the Founder of Manyminds, a marketing agency working with clients such as Virgin Atlantic, Claire’s and IBM. For nearly ten years, she has travelled around the world speaking at conferences to audiences of thousands, and is a seasoned stand-up comic who ran a sold out one woman show at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe.

She has trained with ICF accredited Neuroleadership Institute, to apply the fundamentals of neuroscience to enable better conversations, grow self-belief and regulate nerves. She believes, passionately, that a recognised, empowered workforce improves collaboration, creativity and internal and external communication and recently founded Roar a confidence, communication and allies training company that levels the professional playing field for everyone.

4:00pm — ‘Leading as Yourself’, Emma Watts

In this talk, we’ll explore how to show up and lead as yourself, whatever your role may be. The workplace is changing rapidly, but often those at the top got there through adhering to an outdated set of rules around leadership, what it means, and who should do it. Is the corporate mindset fit for the modern world? Who created it? Who perpetuates it?

Working in tech as a woman has its own particular challenges which intersect with all of these questions. We’ll discuss what it means now to be ‘professional’, to lead, and to be yourself despite the pressure we might feel to be a different version of ourselves at work.

Emma is a certified Transformation Coach who heads up the team of Implementation Consultants at makepositive, a leading Platinum Salesforce partner. She’s also the founder of Many Measures, a private coaching practice for people who want to create success on their own terms.  

4:30pm — Giveaway, buffet food and drink!

We’ll be doing a giveaway! Sign up and tweet about it with the hashtag #SFWiTNotts for a chance to win some goodies! There will also be a free hot buffet and drinks to end the day. Stick around with us for a chat! We won’t close the doors until 6pm.

Sign up for free below! Spaces are filling up fast, so don’t miss out. With this line-up, you’ll be kicking yourself if you do.

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