Learn while you earn: kickstart your career in tech

While recently clicking through variety of random things on YouTube, I came across something called the Law of Attraction (LOA). At first, I thought this was something to do with dating; but no! This is a way to manifest the things you want in your life by thinking about them. I had to watch on. It all sounded amazing, the correct positive thoughts and visualisations, and everything can be yours. Wealth, health and happiness, guaranteed! Unfortunately for me. I’m of an age where I was taught to “never trust a hippy”! And this all sounded a little “new age” to me.

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The oe:gen culture

Our culture is defined by our shared values, practices and beliefs. It’s present in our decisions, actions, behaviours and approach. As Pete said in his previous post, one of our goals this year is to define exactly what that is. We’ve received loads of positive feedback throughout the years from those who’ve worked with us; whether that be clients, visitors or employees. And there’s always one recurring theme: how enjoyable we are to work with. So, to be transparent, we’ve tried to articulate the culture which makes oe:gen so great to be a part of.

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Happy New Year from oe:gen!

It’s the start of a new year, and my new journey as MD and leader of oe:gen begins in earnest. Unlike a lot of people coming back after the holiday season in January, I had a genuine sense of excitement for the year ahead and the challenges we’ll be facing. As a business, there’s a lot we’re aiming to achieve in the coming 12 months, and it’s my job to make sure we stay on track to deliver our goals.

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What we’re looking forward to at Inbound ’17

It’s that time of year again! Inbound marketers and salesfolk from around the globe are preparing to gather in Boston to spend four inspiring days nattering about the future of sales and marketing. And HubSpot have really outdone themselves this year. I mean, even John Cena and Michelle Obama are going. See, I told you!

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