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Salesforce partner services

Helping leading sales, marketing, and customer service teams work smarter.

We exist to help folks like you get the best out of Salesforce. Check out our Salesforce consultancy, configuration, design, and development services below to see if we’re a match.

Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud

If you're looking to grow your business online, we can help you make sure you're giving your buyers the best experience by making each touchpoint simple, seamless and relevant.

Boost online revenue
  • Make it simple for your buyers to self-serve anywhere, any time, on any device
  • Simplify online features specifically for B2B buyers such as fast reorders, account hierarchies, contract pricing, catalogues and more
  • Optimise daily B2B functions like stocking the shelves of your retail shops or enabling online reordering of replacement parts
  • Empower your sales team by giving them deeper insights to help them create winning strategies
  • Help your partners grow by creating branded sites and intuitive digital portals
  • Get to market faster.
Engage more customers
  • Connect your customer data with the world's number one CRM
  • Stay connected and respond to customer needs across every touchpoint, instantly
  • Get more personal with your sales by tailoring purchasing recommendations to each customer
  • Build customer loyalty with amazing buying experiences and keep them coming back for more.
Grow your business
  • Hit the market faster
  • Reduce costs and reallocate resources to other growth opportunities
  • Adapt to changing markets and customer needs faster
  • Get three updates every year to keep your technology running smoothly.

Master digital transformation with B2B Commerce built on Salesforce.

Boost your revenue with online purchasing that's both simple to use and beautiful. With our UX web design and Salesforce development know-how, we'll create something special for your users that offers them a seamless, self-service experience of online shopping with all the B2B functionality they need.




Salesforce Sales Cloud (CRM)

Quick Start Package — £9000 +VAT

Get up and running on the Salesforce Sales Cloud Platform in 15 days, without all the fuss.

Aligning your sales processes with your business needs, automating steps, and improving your user experience can all dramatically enhance your sales team’s performance. Sales Cloud makes this easy. Whether you’re entirely new to Salesforce or a long term customer looking to improve — we can work together on strategy, implementation, and support to help everyone collaborate better and make your sales operation far more efficient.


Project planning
  • Dedicated Sales Cloud implementation specialists
  • Project management tool
  • Project kick-off call
  • Online discovery session
Object setup
  • Leads
  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Opportunities
  • Sales processes
  • Sales path
  • Campaigns
  • 2 x custom objects.
Technical setup
  • 2 custom profiles
  • 15 users
  • Custom Salesforce Lightning theme and branding
  • Gmail/Office 365 integration
  • Automation of 2 business processes
  • 1 Approval process
  • Customisation of Salesforce 1 app
  • Forecasting
  • Security setup
  • Clean data upload.
Reports & dashboards
  • 2 dashboards
  • 10 reports.
Training & support
  • Dedicated Sales Cloud implementation specialists
  • Project management tool
  • Project kick-off call
  • Online discovery session
Salesforce Sales Cloud

Discover why Sales Cloud is the world’s number one CRM.

Salesforce Sales Cloud helps you keep track of, manage and prioritise your leads and customers in one handy place. It’s designed to significantly reduce the amount of time your sales team spends on non-selling tasks by helping them sell smarter, faster and in the way they want. Plus, it’s completely mobile so busy salespeople can close deals on the go. As a Salesforce partner agency, we’ll help you set up and develop your CRM to align with your unique sales process, so you can both simplify and speed up sales



Download the full guide!

Download the full Salesforce Sales Cloud pricing guide to view everything that's included in the Quick Start package.

Sales Cloud Quick Start

Salesforce Communities

Our specialists in building lightning-fast Salesforce Communities will help you engage your customers, partners and employees, so you can provide them with the best user experience around.

Increase usability
  • Get a customised UX-driven design for your Community
  • Give users personalised views
  • Access your Lightning-fast Community from anywhere, any time, on any device.


Empower your teams, partners and customers
  • Make it simple for your customers to self-serve
  • Integrate with e-commerce
  • Boost your service team's productivity
  • Share knowledge
  • Collaborate across teams.
Keep them coming back for more
  • Escalate cases faster
  • Engage your members and get to know them
  • Gain more loyal customers
  • Collaborate better
  • Keep your teams happy and productive.
Salesforce Community Cloud

Build branded, lightning-fast Salesforce Communities that look and feel great.

With one of our stunning, intelligently-designed Salesforce Communities, you can amp up your service, log support tickets, sell products, provide easy access to information, allow peer-to-peer collaboration, and so much more. As a Salesforce partner agency, we’ll help you give your customers, partners and employees the gorgeous self-service website they really want.

Success Story

See how oe:gen helped Chance to Shine provide a platform for lesson plans and educational content, drive efficiency, and increase their reach...

Salesforce Pardot

Quick Start Package — £5,000 +VAT

Pardot marketing automation by Salesforce puts everything you need to generate demand, nurture leads, and drive results in one easy to use interface. You can attract visitors and generate prospects to convert into high-quality leads and drive results by setting it up, integrating it with your CRM, and creating engagement flows – so all the relevant information is passed on to your teams.

Get up and running with Pardot in 10 days.

Project planning
  • Dedicated implementation specialists
  • Project kick-off call
  • Workshop
  • Personalised implementation plan
  • Online discovery session.
CRM integration
  • Installation of the Pardot connector
  • Lead and Contact page layouts updated
  • Mapping of Lead fields to Contact fields
  • Mapping of CRM custom fields to Pardot custom fields
  • Mapping and set up of users.
Technical setup
  • Website tracking code to log visitor activity
  • Vanity tracker domain
  • Email authentication for email deliverability.
Marketing asset & integration setup
  • 2 x email templates
  • 2 x landing page setup
  • 2 x forms/form handler setup
  • Automation rule setup
  • Engagement programs setup
  • Prospect imports.
Training and support
  • 2 x 2-hour online training sessions
  • 4 hours of support for 30 days.

Pardot design support

Starting from £4,200 +VAT

Do you want a more seamless brand experience for your existing Pardot landing pages, forms and emails? Design agencies don’t know Pardot, and Pardot implementation partners don’t know design. But we do both.

Project planning
  • Project kick-off call
  • Workshop
  • Personalised plan
  • Online discovery session.
Email templates
  • A minimum of 1 x email template designs created by our Designer
  • Responsive on mobile, desktop, and tablet.
Training and support
  • A remote screen-share training session on how to use the templates.
Salesforce Pardot

Get the most out of Pardot.

With Pardot, you’ll effortlessly create personalised emails, enticing landing pages, engaging lead nurturing programs, and be able to qualify your prospects to see who’s ready to be passed onto Sales. As a Salesforce partner with design expertise, we’ll get you set up with Pardot or design a better brand experience for your existing one, so you can create those essential marketing campaigns that grow demand, nurture leads, and drive results.

Download the guide to Pardot's key features

Grab this free guide to Pardot’s key features.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Want to increase customer loyalty, retention and satisfaction? Of course you do. We’ll help you identify areas to apply standard Salesforce functionality such as Case Teams, Queues, and Automation, then we’ll implement and develop the perfect mix to compliment your unique business and customers. Transform the way your agents manage their cases and communicate with your customers; improve case management, gain clearer communication, and resolve issues quicker.

We’ll help you…

Improve case management

We help you redefine your Salesforce Service Cloud so the information your agents need is easy to find, view, manage and track.

Enhance communication

We'll set up different communication tools and features so they’re easy to use and all the information is integrated into a single view.

Find the right answer

We'll design and implement Knowledge management in the most user-friendly way, so your customers and agents can easily access articles, FAQs, and the community knowledge.

Salesforce Service Cloud

The tools they need to deliver the best customer experience.

Salesforce Service Cloud is a customer service and support application which helps your support team keep your customers happy — without going crazy trying to keep up with multiple channels of communication. As a Salesforce partner agency, we’ll help you set up and develop Salesforce Service to improve the way your agents manage cases and communicate with your customers.

Download the template!

Get a FREE Salesforce Service planning template.

Salesforce Lightning Transition

Salesforce Classic is dead, folks. And it’s not coming back. If you want to reap all the shiny new benefits of Lightning Experience but are feeling a bit out of your depth, it’s totally understandable. Transitioning to Lightning is not an easy thing to do, especially if you’ve got lots of Classic-loving users. That’s why we now provide Salesforce Lightning transition as one of our expert services. 

Here’s how you’ll make the change for good...

Lightning Readiness Check

First, are you ready for Lightning? We’ll perform a Lightning Readiness Check to highlight any problem areas and quick wins.

AppExchange packages

Next, we’ll check your apps. The vast majority apps from the AppExchange should be supported by Lightning — unless they’re extremely old and haven’t been updated in a while. We’ll make sure your teams have everything they need and nothing they don’t. 


While we’re doing the above, you’ll be learning about the key features of Lightning Experience. A great place to start is the Lightning Experience Basics Trailhead.

Plan initial rollout

Working with your recommendations and Readiness Check, we’ll identify the team or teams that would be negatively impacted the least by transitioning to Lightning. Which users are a good fit for the initial rollout, and which aren’t?

Tailoring to your vision

To help improve user adoption, we always go for a collaborative design process with your users in mind. We’ll sit with the key stakeholders from the teams you've just identified to understand what they'd like to see on their brand new homepage and each of their record pages.

Long-term roadmap

After deciding on the best teams for the initial rollout, we'll then identify which of the other teams to roll out the new Lightning Experience to, how, and when. 

Sandbox build

After you’ve identified the order of each team rollout, we’ll start building in a Developer sandbox for each of those teams in sprints. 

User testing

We’ll then perform User Acceptance Testing for each team to make sure they can all do their job, from beginning to end, without flipping back to Classic. 


Finally, we’ll deploy into production for each team. This should get smoother and smoother as we roll it out to each team, minimizing the risk and impact on your users. Best of all, once those teams adopt Lightning, they’ll become champions of the transition for other team members as you continue to roll it out. 

Salesforce Lightning Transition

Go from Classic to Lightning Experiencewithout the headache.

Transition teams of any size to an intelligent, intuitive, and visually stunning user interface that speeds up their processes and helps users work in their own unique way. 

Download the guide!

Grab this free guide for tips, tools, and strategy when switching from Classic to Lightning.

Tips on transitioning from Classic to Lightning

Managed Services

How does it work?

We know it’s really tricky to find good Salesforce people to hire for your ongoing support needs.

Perhaps you don’t need a full-time person for the job, but you’re too busy to support the system yourself.

Or maybe you have an in-house team that feels a bit out of their comfort zone and needs a helping hand with some of the more complex bits.

Our 25-strong team of Salesforce experts can help your team upskill with training, and support your Salesforce with configuration, consultation, design, workflows, Apex, Triggers, Lightning Components and more.

We work alongside Salesforce Support to help you get the most out of your system. Here’s how our Salesforce Managed Services work.

Consultation day

First, we'll come to you for an on-site consultation so we can find out what success with Salesforce looks like for you. During this time, we'll talk through how you might already be using Salesforce and understand your goals.

Mapping out your vision

After we've delved into your vision, we'll mould a road map around your goals to set priorities and create a backlog of tasks.

Agreeing your support slots

Next, we'll agree a daily, weekly, or bi-weekly support slot that's best for your schedule on-site or remotely.

Providing support

Working with your recommendations and Readiness Check, we’ll identify the team or teams that would be negatively impacted the least by transitioning to Lightning. Which users are a good fit for the initial rollout, and which aren’t?

Your quarterly review

After each quarter, you'll have a detailed review with your dedicated account director and consultant. Here's where we'll refine your goals and objectives for the next quarter.

Rinse and repeat

This process will then loop until the end of your contract!

Why choose a managed service?

Why choose a Salesforce managed service?

As a Salesforce partner agency, we offer Salesforce support management or, as some people know it as — ‘service-level agreement (SLA)’. This means you’ll receive expert, ongoing support for your Salesforce org from a team of people who are dedicated to your vision. Here’s the path we’ll walk together when you choose one.

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