Salesforce Lightning Transition

Salesforce Lightning Transition

Go from Classic to Lightning Experiencewithout the headache.

Transition teams of any size to an intelligent, intuitive, and visually stunning user interface that speeds up their processes and helps users work in their own unique way. 

Here’s how you’ll make the change 

Lightning Readiness Check

First, are you ready for Lightning? We’ll perform a Lightning Readiness Check to highlight any problem areas and quick wins. 

AppExchange packages

Next, we’ll check your apps. The vast majority apps from the AppExchange should be supported by Lightning — unless they’re extremely old and haven’t been updated in a while. We’ll make sure your teams have everything they need and nothing they don’t. 


While we’re doing the above, you’ll be learning about the key features of Lightning Experience. A great place to start is the Lightning Experience Basics Trailhead.

Plan initial rollout

Working with your recommendations and Readiness Check, we’ll identify the team or teams that would be negatively impacted the least by transitioning to Lightning. Which users are a good fit for the initial rollout, and which aren’t?

Tailoring to your vision

To help improve user adoption, we always go for a collaborative design process with your users in mind. We’ll sit with the key stakeholders from the teams you've just identified to understand what they'd like to see on their brand new homepage and each of their record pages.

Long-term roadmap

After deciding on the best teams for the initial rollout, we'll then identify which of the other teams to roll out the new Lightning Experience to, how, and when. 

Sandbox build

After you’ve identified the order of each team rollout, we’ll start building in a Developer sandbox for each of those teams in sprints. 

User testing

We’ll then perform User Acceptance Testing for each team to make sure they can all do their job, from beginning to end, without flipping back to Classic. 


Finally, we’ll deploy into production for each team. This should get smoother and smoother as we roll it out to each team, minimizing the risk and impact on your users. Best of all, once those teams adopt Lightning, they’ll become champions of the transition for other team members as you continue to roll it out. 

Download the guide!

Grab this free guide for tips, tools, and strategy when switching from Classic to Lightning.

Tips on transitioning from Classic to Lightning

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