Salesforce Pardot

Salesforce Pardot

Get the most out of Pardot.

With Pardot, you’ll effortlessly create personalised emails, enticing landing pages, engaging lead nurturing programs, and be able to qualify your prospects to see who’s ready to be passed onto Sales. As a Salesforce partner with design expertise, we’ll get you set up with Pardot or design a better brand experience for your existing one, so you can create those essential marketing campaigns that grow demand, nurture leads, and drive results.  

What’s in the Pardot package?

Quick Start

£5,000 +VAT

Get up and running with Pardot in 10 days.

Project planning
  • Dedicated implementation specialists
  • Project kick-off call
  • Workshop
  • Personalised implementation plan
  • Online discovery session.
CRM integration
  • Installation of the Pardot connector
  • Lead and Contact page layouts updated
  • Mapping of Lead fields to Contact fields
  • Mapping of CRM custom fields to Pardot custom fields
  • Mapping and set up of users.
Technical setup
  • Website tracking code to log visitor activity
  • Vanity tracker domain
  • Email authentication for email deliverability.
Marketing asset & integration setup
  • 2 x email templates
  • 2 x landing page setup
  • 2 x forms/form handler setup
  • Automation rule setup
  • Engagement programs setup
  • Prospect imports.
Training and support
  • 2 x 2-hour online training sessions
  • 4 hours of support for 30 days.

Need a better brand experience?

Pardot design support

Starting from £4,200 +VAT

Do you want a more seamless brand experience for your existing Pardot landing pages, forms and emails? Design agencies don’t know Pardot, and Pardot implementation partners don’t know design. But we do both.

Project management
  • Project kick-off call
  • Workshop
  • Personalised plan
  • Online discovery session.
Email templates
  • A minimum of 1 x email template designs created by our Designer
  • Responsive on mobile, desktop, and tablet.
Landing page templates
  • A minimum of 1 x landing page template design that mirrors your website branding created by our Designer
  • Contact forms created by our Designer
  • Responsive on mobile, desktop, and tablet.
Training and support
  • A remote screen-share training session on how to use the templates.

Download the full guide to Pardot's key features

Grab this free guide to Pardot’s key features.

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