Who we are


We’re a Salesforce partner offering consultancy, configuration, design and development.

We help you keep your customers, partners and employees happy with gorgeous, intelligent Salesforce creations that are tailored to them.

We value...


We’re a smart, friendly, straight-talking bunch of user-focused strategists, tech-savvy creatives, technical experts and experienced project managers — all in the same room, crossing disciplines and working side-by-side.


We're experts in making beautiful, collaborative Salesforce Communities, lightning-fast CRMs, seamless marketing automation, and providing any kind of Salesforce consultancy you're after.

Continuous improvement

Some really old guy once said: 'When you're finished changing, you’re finished.' We definitely agree with that. That's why we make sure our team has the opportunity and flexibility to learn and improve as our industry continues to evolve.


When our clients are winning, we're winning. This medley of continuous improvement, professionalism, and our tight-knit culture is our ultimate recipe for being a winning team, every day.

We're passionate about...

Inspiring our people

We’re lucky to have a team of passionate people who bring out the best in each other with mutual support, encouragement, and positivity.

Delighting our clients

We exist to ease the day-to-day lives of sales, marketing and service-folk by making each step in their process simpler, smarter and more helpful.

Delivering results

We make stuff that not only looks nice, but works great too. User Experience (UX) and design that's decided by cold, hard data are at the heart of everything we do.

Our people

Alex Reed
Salesforce Consultant
I get a real thrill out of meeting clients, understanding their vision and delivering something that really improves their day-to-day business! Runner person and film aficionado with a slight obsession with all things Jeff Goldblum: “Life uh.... finds a way”.
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Adam Hayden
Senior Salesforce Developer
Happiest when I’m up to my eyeballs in code, be it hardware or software. PC gamer and Metal enthusiast, usually at the same time. Also a builder/Hardware Hacker in my spare time, so usually have various things in pieces around me.
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Coby Press
Usually found fully emerged in a book or endeavouring a sport. Love to get up early and go for a run or break some sweat in the gym — followed by a lot of food. Also a macaroni cheese addict.
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Colin Brewer
Head of Design
I specialise in designing and building elegant websites and Salesforce applications that are meticulous, humane and easy to use. I like to think about design from both the strategic UX direction as well as the visual design perspective.
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David Coe
Customer Experience Officer
I’m responsible for customer experience – delivering what we promise time and time again, and building great relationships to make sure invoices get paid… and I go to a lot of gigs.
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Emma Lacey
Scrum Master
I'm a Project Manager at heart but I've recently found a new love for the agile methodology and my new Scrum Master role. My other passions include family, friends, food, fitness, live music and my latest hobby… the piano!

Emily Malone
Marketing Manager
I'm a creative, tech-savvy Marketing Manager with a bit of a knack for bringing the personality back into business. Also Community Group Leader for the SF Nottingham UK Women in Tech Group, cat AND dog person, horror movie freak, and bookworm.
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James Wills
Senior Salesforce Developer
I have almost 5 years of experience as a Salesforce Developer and relish taking on coding challenges. I'm also a graduate of the University of London with several years of experience of working in the US.
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John Hutchinson
Salesforce Developer
Love taking something old and oily apart to put it back together. Ideally, things that smell of rust and petrol, but I’ll take code and coffee as a close second. Likes: books, log fires, cacti and breakfast. Dislikes: exercise, vegetables and rising fuel prices.
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Katie Dearden
Chief Operations Officer
I love a good list and working with a bunch of talented folk to get stuff DONE! My happy place is being outside on adventures with my family or drinking fizz with girlfriends. Humour and cake are a must.
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Leon Lane
Salesforce Consultant
I love taking things to bits, finding out how they work, and putting them back together (hopefully) working better than they did when I started. Applicable to Salesforce, rusty old cars, or anything else I can get my hands on.
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Mark Ramsell
Head of Salesforce Development
I started tinkering with Salesforce while working on an Apple service desk, frustrated with how little of its potential we saw. Since then, I've pushed myself to learn its configuration, code and culture, and have loved every minute.
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Mark Rickaby
Customer Success Director
A bit of a shy grandpa who, once you get to know, is a warm, thoughtful person who loves a joke. My background in music helps me value the impact of the little things that make up the bigger picture. Best encountered in the wild, where I feel most at home.
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Neil Woodman
Office Manager
I'm the person who makes sure we get paid, and to be honest I think I'm pretty good at it! I haven't had to go off-site to collect yet because we've got amazing clients, but I have watched a lot of 'Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away!" episodes in preparation, just in case...
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Oli Freeman
Salesforce Developer
I’d never written a line of code in my life before starting at oe:gen, and now I work with all these amazing people to build beautiful user experiences for our lovely clients. You'll catch me spending most of my time working with Community Cloud.
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Paul Vernon
Customer Success Director
I’m likely to be the first person you speak to at oe:gen; listening to your goals and requirements - building a trusted relationship. You’ll find me geeking about home automation, how alexa has gone wrong and my OCD of hiding cables.
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Pete Fells
Managing Director
I love coming into work every day to work with a talented, creative, fun group of people. I try to give the team the environment, direction and motivation to fulfil their potential. They're the orchestra that make the music, I’m the fool waving my hands about.
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Rebecca Chandler
Project Manager
I love it when a plan comes together! As a project manager this is my dream and at oe:gen I work on such a variety of projects its always exciting. Outside of work I’m a bookworm, early morning workout enthusiast and lover of cakes!
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Smeeta Geary
Business Solutions Architect
I’m normally busy at work doing the stuff I enjoy, talking to our clients to understand their objectives and requirements. If you want to grab my attention, a workshop or meeting that involves tea, biscuits or lunch will do it.
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Svetlana Ford
Salesforce Developer
After moving to Salesforce development a few years ago, I loved it. Salesforce helps me delight our customers by focusing on delivering their requirements. I also love spending time with friends and family and playing the odd game of tennis!

Yvette Kempson
Business Solutions Architect
I’m a blue haired, tattooed, motorbike-riding woman in tech! AKA Dishwasher Police. I absolutely love my job and have a real passion for defining the right solution to exceed client expectations. I can’t be trusted near sausage rolls!
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Our culture

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